At Sterling Heritage Solutions, we believe in two fundamental principals:  that the importance of eating healthy food in appropriate quantities is an integral part of maintaining overall good health and that healthy organic food should be accessible at sustainable prices for both farmers and consumers. As natural resources required to grow food become increasingly finite and as poor health continues to plague the American population, Sterling Heritage is dedicated to allowing wholesome organic foods to become available to all Americans and to enabling American farmers to grow organic produce through sustainable practices.

Founded in 2000 by former Federal acquisition professionals, Sterling Heritage was created to assist Federal organizations in implementing large, complex, mission-critical acquisitions. Today, we have a vibrant team of experienced contracting managers, cost and pricing specialists, project managers, systems implementation consultants, and academic administrators who leverage their experience and expertise to aid their clients.

With our dynamic community of project managers, analysts, trainers, and researchers, Sterling Heritage possesses a breadth of knowledge in acquisition and grant management, technology and program management, organizational improvement, and education and training. We are geared to assist the Federal government in efforts to support the growth of sustainable farming as well as widespread public nutrition, providing trained nutritionists to promote a solid understanding of sound nutrition, implementing organizational improvement to nationwide food programs, initiating and supporting programs to enhance economic opportunities for the Sustainable Agricultural Producers, and supporting grant research of bio-based environmental sustainability of American agriculture.

We at Sterling Heritage are flexible, innovative, and sound communicators, devoted to helping organizations in meeting their objectives and in achieving improvements. Because when it comes to our clients, we believe in delivering performance.