Sustainable Agriculture Farming

Sterling Heritage Solutions’ primary goal is to make sustainable agriculture and small local organic farming expand throughout the United States and abroad. We believe that one of the most compelling issues in this country today is our food and how it is grown. The natural resources to grow food are finite, and unsustainable, large-scale agriculture practices are destroying these resources at an alarming pace. Sterling Heritage is working to assist American farmers grow food using sustainable practices, and to grow mostly organic foods.

Sterling Heritage Solutions first initiative is to start incubator farms on the grounds of Veterans Medical Centers. This would be a new initiative and Sterling Heritage Solutions will hire Veterans to plan, develop and farm the land. We would also hire veterans as environmentalists, bio-fuel equipment contractors, nutritionists and other employees necessary to successfully implement this new, exciting program for Veterans.

Community Farmers Markets is another beneficial initiative we support. Farmers Markets are expanding throughout the United States and often the busiest markets in cities are all organic. This is a great opportunity to expand organic farming, because the markets are driven by consumers, who are increasingly demanding organic food, promoting the organic food movement forward at remarkable speed. At Farmer Markets, organic food is often more expensive. However, organic farmers have the sustained ability to get a premium for their produce. While benefitting them, this is opening opportunities for more organic farmers to get into this business.

Support and improve our dirt the food is grown in. Research shows that the dirt has beneficial microorganisms that can help to combat the alarming rise in allergic and autoimmune disorders, such as Type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and a myriad of other disorders. Since the Industrial Revolution, our dirt has been cleaned and sterilized and killed and then treated with fertilizer trying to bring it back to life while making sure all the healthy bugs are killed with massive doses of insecticide and pesticides. By the time we take a bite into that shiny, industrial size, airy tasting pepper, tomato, corn, apple, peach, etc., all that is left is a cardboard dry airy pretty fruit loaded with chemicals and pesticides. Sterling Heritage Solutions will support and initiate programs to support our farmers ability to nurture and grow crops in healthy dirt.

Sterling Heritage is fully committed to promoting sustainable farming and helping our nation’s veterans. We are currently providing highly qualified farm instructors to veterans around the state of Mississippi to teach veterans how to operate a farm. Sterling Heritage farm instructors are working to assist the veteran in a variety of areas including planning, producing, marketing, maintaining farm equipment, conserving farm resources, financing the farm, managing the farm, and keeping farm and home accounts.

As a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business, Sterling Heritage is dedicated to helping our veterans by providing instruction and support to restore employability and make the veteran self-sufficient and profit-generating. This opportunity allows Sterling Heritage to merge our interest in health, nutrition, and sustainable farming, with our commitment and strong desire to help our nation’s veterans.

Sustainable Sterling Heritage Solutions Initiatives

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